Kodama Locations in Beast Born of Smoke & Flames - Nioh 2

Beast Born of Smoke & Flames is the second proper mission in Nioh 2. There are seven Kodama collectibles on this map. The green spirits are well hidden, and if you don’t take the time to thoroughly explore the entire area, you’re guaranteed to miss some. If you don’t want that to happen, keep reading our Nioh 2 Beast Born of Smoke & Flames Kodama locations guide.

Beast Born of Smoke & Flames Kodama locations

Go down the hill from the shrine, then up towards the fortifications. Make a left and go inside, then between the buildings. Turn right and go behind the house, and you’ll find your first Kodama.

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Follow the main path up the hill, past the bamboo grove on the right and down the slope. A broken fence on the left will allow you to climb onto the roof. Go right across the plank and look for the second Kodama on the roof tiles.

Go back onto the road, then up the stairs and into the temple in the bamboo grove. You’ll have to fight a one-legged yokai inside – once you defeat him, go through the screen door and down the ladder. Follow the tunnel into the clearing, and look for the Kodama behind the crates on the left.

When you get to the second shrine, continue towards the right, into the burning village. Look for a house on the left that’s connected with another’s roof via a plank. Go inside then use the ladder to get to the cellar. The Kodama will be behind the crates next to the wooden beam.

Go back outside, then follow the path across the bridge and out of the fog. Turn left and keep hugging the left side of the road, past the house with the cart wheels on the walls, past the entrance to the fort, through the fires and down onto a small clearing surrounded by rocks.

Go back up the road and into the fortress on the left. Climb the ladder at the entrance and kick the water barrel off the scaffolding. Go back down and through the tunnel on the right. Climb the long ladder in the far left corner of the room and head forward until you see a door on the right. Go outside and turn left. The Kodama will be on the edge of the roof.

To get the last one, head back inside and look for another ladder leading up. Cross the planks on the left and go around the pillar – the Kodama will be behind it.

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