How to Get Glory in Nioh 2 - Hidden Teahouse

Nioh 2 Glory is a type of currency in the game that you use to purchase various cosmetics from the Hidden Teahouse. Getting Glory in Nioh 2 is much easier said than done, since you’ll have to face off against some of the toughest enemies in the game. However, defeating those enemies gives you not just Glory, but other useful items, too, so it’s well worth your while to fight them, and we’ll explain how the whole thing works in our How to Get Glory in Nioh 2 guide.

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How to Get Glory in Nioh 2
How to Get Glory in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Glory – How to Get?

To get Glory in Nioh 2, you have to kill Revenants. What are Revenants, you ask? Well, approach one of the many red graves, or Bloody Graves, that you’ll be seeing all across the game. When you do, you’ll see that they are, in fact, graves of players that have met their doom in that spot. The game will show you their name, gear, Soul Cores and so on. Basically, they’re really similar to Benevolent Graves, except that spirits from Bloody Graves don’t help you, they attack you. You summon them by pressing and holding Circle.

Now, when you summon a Revenant from a Bloody Grave, you will be fighting a player character, but not the actual player. Just like the characters you call from blue graves, the Revenants are AI-controlled. That doesn’t mean they area easy to defeat, of course, quite the contrary. The AI will use everything the opposing player had at their disposal when they died to absolutely ruin your day.

However, if you do manage to defeat a Revenant, your rewards will absolutely be worth the trouble. For one, you’ll get great loot, including Ochoko Cups, which are necessary to summon help from Benevolent Graves. And, of course, there’s the Glory that you’ll earn. Without Glory, you can’t buy any of the fun cosmetic stuff from the Hidden Teahouse, once you unlock it. I won’t reveal what you purchase from the Teahouse, but trust me, it’s well-worth the aggravation the Revenants put you through.

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