Nioh Dragon of the North Upcoming DLC Story Details

Dragon of the North is the first paid DLC coming out for Nioh. The DLC promises to have new weapons, enemies and stages, as well as extra story content. The DLC comes out in May, and it’s a part of the Nioh season pass. It costs $9.99 if you buy it separately.

Nioh Dragon of the North Upcoming DLC Story Details
Nioh Dragon of The North Upcoming DLC Story Details

We’ve written recently about the Dragon of the North DLC. It’s the first in a series of three paid DLCs. They’re all part of the season pass, but you’ll be able to buy them all separately. We mentioned that the Dragon of the North will have new characters, yokai, weapons, guardian spirits and so on. Now, thanks to PlayStation Blog, we have a few extra story details.

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According to the post, the story of the Dragon of the North continues right after “William’s valiant struggle” in the main game. In the Oshu region, the “ambitious ruler” Masamune Date is gathering spirit stones in secrecy. Meanwhile, yokai are everywhere in the region, and chaos will ensue any second. Incidentally, Date Masamune was a real, historical figure. His nickname was dokuganryu, or “One-Eyed Dragon”.

All of the stages in the Oshu region that you’ll have to fight through are all brand-new, just like the demons that will be hounding you. And now, we find out we’re getting an odachi (essentially a really, really big katana) in the DLC, as well as magic, ninja skills and new Guardian Spirits to help us on our journey.

Additionally, the new DLC will also introduce new PvP features to the online multiplayer. However, you’ll get this update even if you don’t purchase the paid DLC.

Nioh Dragon of the North DLC is coming out on May 2nd, 2017. As for the main game, you can check out some of our Nioh guides if you’re having trouble with it.

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