Nioh Dragon of the North Paid DLC Coming in May

The first paid DLC pack for Nioh, called Dragon of the North, is coming out in early May. The new content will include new weapon categories, stages, characters, Guardian Spirits, yokai and more. Dragon of the North is the first of three DLCs planned, and it will cost about $10.

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Nioh Dragon of the North Paid DLC Coming in May
Nioh Dragon of the North Paid DLC Coming in May

Nioh is a Dark Souls-like action RPG by Team Ninja. It’s set in medieval Japan overrun by demons called Yokai. The game released to critical acclaim. It’s well-known for being unforgivingly difficult, which is what you’d expect from the creators of Ninja Gaiden doing Dark Souls.

According to Japanese website Gamecity (via Siliconera), the first of the planned three paid DLCs for Nioh is coming out on May 2nd. The DLC pack is called Dragon of the North, and it costs 1.300 yen, which is about $10. It isn’t listed on the US and UK PSN stores yet.

Apparently, there’s going to be a lot of new content in the DLC. It includes new weapon categories, scenarios, characters, yokai, Guardian Spirits and a couple of high-difficulty stages. You know, in case you haven’t had enough punishment in the base game.

If you’ve bought the Nioh Season Pass (or the Digital Deluxe Edition), the Dragon of the North is part of it and you’ll get it automatically. Same goes for the following Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End. The season pass costs $25, so it’s up to you to decide which deal is better.

Also coming on May 2nd is the PvP Update for the online versus mode. This update is free for all players, regardless of whether or not you have the season pass.

Nioh came out in February 2017 on the PlayStation 4. If you’re having trouble in the game, check out our list of Nioh guides.

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