Nioh Kodama Locations Tokai Region - Where to find spirits for blessings

Tokai Region is the fourth region in Nioh. 25 Kodama tree spirits is something that, at this point, has become a standard for each map. We’ve had 25 Kodama on every map so far. This time, you can grab them from three main and one sub-mission. This guide will show you all Kodama locations in Tokai region in Nioh.

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The Iga Escape Kodama Locations

In this first mission in the Tokai region, you can guide eight Kodama spirits to the shrine; two of warrior, swordsman, healer and one oracle, hunter blessing. At the end of the mission, you fight the boss Giant Toad.

At the start of the mission, follow the route to your right, until you reach the wall you can open. It reveals a hidden room with the warrior tree spirit (crush the pottery). Climb the ladders and follow the path to your right. After you get back into the house, keep hugging the right wall. It will lead you to the secret hatch that drops you down one floor, into the area with the next oracle kodama. Leave the house and find the well, with the kodama next to it. Only a few steps away from it, in the bushes next to the bamboo fence, you’ll find a new one. Use the wooden bridges to get to higher ground. Before you enter the house, jump to the platform to your right. Next to the tree is the next spirit. From this one, jump down and crush some pottery to reveal the next one. Inside the house, find an illusionary wall and go behind it. The room hides a hot spring and the Kodama and a wall that you can open to enter the next room with the final spirit.

Kodama Locations Memories of Death-Lilies

You can find seven spirits in this mission, two of oracle, swordsman, warrior, healer and one hunter blessing. The Ogress is the boss you’ll have to fight at the end of it.

From the first shrine, go down the path and follow the route to your left. Find a gap in the fence and jump down. Keep going to your left until you reach the end of the waterfall. Now turn back, follow the path to your right, pass the hot spring down the other platform with red flowers and the Kodama. Pass the broken bridge. To your right is a path with the next little green fella. From this location, jump down and follow the path to your right. Next to the wooden house is the next one. Turn back, go left and follow the path to your right. Enter the compound with the two lampposts at its entrance and go behind the house. Leave the compound and go to your right. Keep to your left until you reach the wooden watchtower and find the Seiryuji Temple Key. Down this watchtower is a spirit. From here, go to your right and follow the path to the left. Enter the temple with the key and look right. There it is, on the ground.

The Defiled Castle Main Mission Kodama

The next six tree spirits (two swordsman, one oracle, warrior, healer and hunter blessing) are in The Defiled Castle, level 87 mission. Okatsu is the final boss here.

From the shrin,e go into the water, up the ladders on your left and break the orange crystal. Follow the path to your left until you find it. From this location, go down into the water, to your left. The Kodama is in a large room, in its right corner. Turn back, go to your right. Once you’re close to a purple crystal, jump down to guide Kodama to the shrine. Leave the house via ladder and go into the yard. Follow the path until you go up the stone stairs and rush toward the wooden boxes there. Turn back, go left, pass the stairs to your right and go up the stairs to your left. Climb on the wooden platform with the next collectible. Go back the path you came from in order to enter the large house. Climb to the highest floor, where the last Kodama is.

The Trail of the Master Sub-Mission Kodama

The last four Kodama (one warrior, healer, oracle and hunter) locations are not inside the main mission. From the first shrine, follow the path to your right until you find the stairs. Take a look inside the pottery next to it. Go up the stairs and head to your left. In the corner of the room, behind the screen, is second one. From this floor, find a gap from which you can fall down onto the wooden beams. One of them leads into the room with the many bookshelves. On top of one of them is the third Kodama. Get back to the wooden beams. Take a look down and you’ll see the final Tokai tree spirit.

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