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Kodama Locations Tokai Region Nioh

Kodama Locations Tokai Region

Tokai Region is the fourth region in Nioh. 25 Kodama tree spirits is something that, at this point, has become a standard for each map….

Kinki Region Nioh Kodama Spirits Location

Kinki Region Kodama Locations

Kinki region is the third region you get to in Nioh. It comes after the Chugoku region. Just like on the previous maps, this one…

nioh chugoku region kodama locations

Chugoku Region Kodama Locations

Chugoku region is the second area you’ll explore in Nioh. There are 25 Kodama to find there, and they’re scattered across four quest – two…

kodama locations kyushu region nioh

Kodama Locations Kyushu Region

Kyushu region is the first map in Nioh. There are three main missions in it, and they’ll let you collect 25 Kodama in total. These…

nioh little green man collectibles

Isle of Demons Kodama Locations

Isle of Demons is the first mission in Nioh. It’s the one where you fight through a burning village, and end up on a ship,…

Kodama Spirit Nioh

Kodama Locations

Kodama are collectibles in Nioh. In the main missions, you’ll have to find and return them to the nearest shrine, all 150 of them. In…