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Nioh released a brand new gameplay trailer called Last Chance. It features a lot of combat sequences, different enemies, magic and a boss fight. The last chance represents an invitation to the Nioh trial, which will take place this weekend, January 21st – 22nd. You can check out the trailer below:

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In this trailer, William is using the famous weapon called kusarigama. It consists of kama, which is a Japanese version of a sickle, set on a kusari-fundo, a metal chain that has an iron weight on the end. The art of using this weapon is called Kusarigamajutsu.

The first mini boss fight in the trailer features a huge one-eyed beast that has yellow fists and a yellow eye, like it’s burning inside. The player kills him with great use of dodges, blocks and patient strikes. The user interface is turned off, so that we can get a better visual presentation and attention to detail. The music accompanying the boss fight sounds really good, making the fight much more tense and interesting.

The kusarigama has some interesting move sets, and seems very effective when fighting multiple enemies, especially when you start swinging it around the battlefield. At some point, William uses what seems to be a spirit animal that enhances his stats, allowing him to defeat the next enemy much more easily.

Finally, William enters a courtyard, where he finds a huge horned beast crying. It’s tears are making the flowers blossom as they fall to the ground. As suspected, this could lead to a huge boss fight.

If you decide to give the demo a try, and play it to the end, you will receive some interesting rewards as soon as the full version of the game comes out. Keep in mind that you have to keep your save data on your PlayStation 4 that you played on.

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