Pokemon GO Evolution Items & Unown Forms

The latest Pokemon GO update dropped a couple of days ago, and brought more hidden code to the game. Just like any time Niantic releases something new in the game, dataminers immediately went to work and uncovered some pretty exciting new stuff. Version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS, among other things, is concealing evolution items and Unown forms. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Pokemon GO Evolution Items & Unown Forms
Pokemon GO Evolution Items & Unown Forms

Evolution Items in Pokemon GO

According to the dataminers at The Silph Road, one thing we can expect in Pokemon GO in the near future are evolution items. What are evolution items? Well, if you’ve played the game, you might’ve noticed that some Pokemon like Eevee have several different evolutions.

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Now, previous Pokemon games had more creatures with branching evolutions that you could control using evolution items. If you had the necessary item with you, you could choose which way the evolution would go. For example, if you evolve a Poliwhirl, normally, you’ll get a Poliwrath. However, if you have an item called King’s Rock, you’ll get a different Pokemon, Politoad.

Here’s a list of evolution items found in the new code.

  • Sun Stone
  • King’s Rock
  • Metal Coat
  • Dragon Scale
  • Upgrade

The inclusion of these items is interesting for several reasons. For one, it means that Pokemon already in the game might be getting new evolutions. The more interesting bit, however, is that this all but confirms Generation 2 Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon that interact with the items in some way are Gen 2, so I’m pretty confident we’ll be seeing more of them very soon.

Pokemon GO Unown and its Forms

Unown is a weird Pokemon not yet in GO that evolves into, well, letters and punctuation. These are its forms found in the code.


Unown might be silly, but this is further evidence that we will soon be getting new Pokemon in the game. I’m pretty excited to see what we’ll get in the future.

For more info on what else the update is hiding, check out our Pokemon GO New Moves & Avatar Customization and Pokemon GO Distance Tracking Update articles.

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