Nioh will get PVP mode after launch

Free PVP mode will be available for Nioh after the release of the game, according to Yosuke Hayashi, the game’s director. He was interviewed by Gamereactor about the game’s features, development and similarities to Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. You can check the full interview HERE.

Nioh will get PVP mode after launch
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There weren’t any details on how the PVP mode will work, and if it will integrate into the main story. Maybe we can expect some similarities to the Dark Souls system, where players joined different covenants which granted different rewards and different mechanics. Invading other player’s realm was definitely one of the most exciting elements in Dark Souls PVP: there are no rules; kill the other player or get killed, in any combat situation at hand.

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PVP can also be done as some kind of arena, where players could test their skills against each other. Nioh offers a wide range of weapons and skills, making the PVP much more interesting and diverse. Knowing how to use blocks, dodges and stances will determine the winner.

In the game, players can use katanas, dual katanas, spears, axes, hammers, bows, guns and cannons. Keep in mind that players can equip two melee weapons and one ranged. This will allow for creating multiple builds that are effective in different combat situations. As we saw in the Alpha version, there are several gestures available, with each one representing a different message, from taunts, praying, whistling, the “sorry” pose, and many more.

The director didn’t mention any kind of cooperative mode with other players in Nioh. Maybe we can expect it in some form of future DLC and expansions.

We will keep you updated as soon as we get some new details regarding PVP mode and the game itself. You can get your hands on Nioh starting February 7th.

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