Nintendo Switch Bundle Joy-Con Grip Doesn't Charge Them

The Nintendo Switch is slowly turning from most anticipated to most disappointing console reveal ever. The underwhelming hardware capabilities and a very slim game roster are bad enough. However, new information is coming up, uncovering some details that Nintendo neglected to mention. The newest tidbit is that the Joy-Con grip you get in the bundle doesn’t charge the controllers.

Nintendo Switch Bundle Joy-Con Grip Doesn't Charge Them
Nintendo Switch Bundle Joy-Con Grip Doesn’t Charge Them

We’ve talked before about Nintendo Switch accessories and their prices. They are pretty expensive. Yes, I know that there’s a lot of hi-tech stuff in there, but, come on. The Pro controller, which is basically just a standard-shaped joypad, costs $70. But, oh well. You’d think that you’ll receive everything you need in the bundle when you buy the console, right? Well…

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If you check out that list of accessories up there, you’ll notice something called the Joy-Con Charging Grip, which costs $30. It looks a little snazzier than the one in the bungle, with transparent plastic and all. But, you could easily assume that the bundle one does the same and just looks less fancy. Not the case.

The Grip in the bundle does not charge your controllers. For that luxury, you’ll have to pony up the 30 bucks. It might’ve been apparent to some of you, since the Charging Grip is listed separately, but it’s still a disappointment. I guess it’s becoming clear how the Switch maintains its $300 price tag. They’ve cut every corner they could, and you get only the barest essentials when you buy it. Everything else you want comes at a steep price.

If I’m being honest, I had my eyes set on the Switch. But, with everything we’ve found out in the meantime, I’m having second thoughts. I’m not alone in it, either. Comment sections are full to the brim of disappointed Nintendo fans questioning their decision to pre-order. We’ll see what happens.

What are your opinions on the Switch? What could Nintendo be doing better? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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