Nioh Trophy List - How to unlock trophies

Nioh trophy list counts to forty-seven (47) trophies in total. To acquire all the achievements, you’ll need to complete all the quests, defeat all types of monsters, reach level 100, master your weapons, collect all Kodama, bathe in all hot springs, change your appearance and a lot, lot more. The game should take around fifty hours to complete without focusing on trophies. With all the trophies, you’ll need slightly more… In this guide, we’ll show you a list of all Nioh trophies, how to unlock them and how to get the platinum trophy.

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Nioh Trophy List All Trophies
Nioh platinum trophy

Nioh trophies

You are NiohObtained all trophies.Platinum
Battle’s EndCompleted “The Queen’s Eyes.”Gold
Samurai of LegendCompleted all missions.Gold
Freedom RestoredCompleted “The Demon King Revealed.”Silver
Ultimate ProReached maximum proficiency with your first weapon.Silver
Regular Smith CustomerMade a total of 60 requests at the blacksmith.Silver
Master of QualityCollected all the best materials.Silver
Spa LoverBathed in every hot spring.Silver
Gesture MasterAcquired 40 gestures.Silver
Kodama LeaderCollected all Kodama.Silver
Friend of GuardiansCollected all Guardian Spirits.Silver
Divine ObtainerObtained first divine item.Silver
Twilight WalkerCompleted your first Twilight mission.Silver
A Long Journey BeginsCompleted “The Man with the Guardian Spirit”Bronze
They Call Him AnjinCompleted “Deep in the Shadows.”Bronze
An Agreement ForgedCompleted “The Ocean Roars Again.”Bronze
Wandering SpiritCompleted “The Demon of Mount Hiei.”Bronze
A Question of IntentionsMet with Tokugawa Ieyasu.Bronze
Onward to a Decisive BattleWitnessed Tokugawa’s forces head toward a decisive battle.Bronze
The Battle EndsCompleted “The Source of Evil.”Bronze
A True SamuraiCompleted “The Samurai from Sawayama.”Bronze
Making RoundsMade two circuits around Japan.Bronze
The Beginning of a SamuraiReached level 10.Bronze
Full-fledged SamuraiReached level 100.Bronze
Sword MasterAcquired mystic art for the sword.Bronze
Dual Sword MasterAcquired mystic art for the dual swords.Bronze
Spear MasterAcquired mystic art for the spear.Bronze
Axe MasterAcquired mystic art for the axe.Bronze
Kusarigama MasterAcquired mystic art for the kusarigama.Bronze
Ninjutsu MasterAcquired mystic art for Ninjutsu.Bronze
Onmyo Magic MasterAcquired mystic art for Onmyo Magic.Bronze
DisguiserUsed a disguise.Bronze
FashionistaChanged your hair style or beard.Bronze
RefashionChanged the appearance of an item.Bronze
Latest MasterpieceForged an item.Bronze
Legendary SwordsmithFound Muramasa and brought him in.Bronze
TeamworkCompleted 10 missions with NPC or in the “Yokai Realm with a companion” with other users.Bronze
Yokai TelepathyCommunicated with a yokai 10 times.Bronze
Master of ChaosConfused an enemy for the first time.Bronze
Spa HealerBathed in first hot spring.Bronze
Yokai Quelling MasterDefeated all types of yokai.Bronze
Dungball RollerBecame Ryunoshin the dung lover’s best friend.Bronze
Ugly FellowUsed the mask of an ugly fellow to defeat an enemy.Bronze
Keeper of the FlameLit all three evil-warding bonfires in Itsukushima.Bronze
Ressurector of the HiragumoCollected all fragments of the Hiragumo teakettle from Shigisan.Bronze
Nue SlayerDefeated the Nue of Mount Hiei.Bronze
End TimesDefeated Derrick the Executioner.Bronze

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