Nioh Twilight Missions - How Daily Quests Work

Twilight missions are a special kind of quest in Nioh. They’re harder versions of regular missions, but you have to unlock them in order to play. They also have a daily rotation – only two are available each day. The system can be hard to wrap your head around, if you’re not used to this kind of thing. In this guide, we’re going to show you how twilight missions work in Nioh.

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nioh twilight mission
Nioh Twilight Missions

How to play Twilight missions in Nioh

When you first reach the world map, you’ll see two dark circles in the lower left corner. These are the triggers for starting Twilight missions. Each day, another couple of twilight missions will become active. During that day, you can only play those two, but only if you’ve unlocked them.

You unlock new Twilight missions by playing through the main story missions. When you complete the game, you’ll have unlocked all the daily challenges. They’re much harder than regular missions, with more, better equipped enemies. The rewards are commensurate – you’ll be able to earn some really epic equipment by beating them.

If one of the circles is greyed out, that means you can’t play that mission. There’s no way to replace it, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and hope both of tomorrow’s missions will be unlocked for you.

To tell the truth, the system is somewhat flawed. Players have been complaining that the rotation doesn’t work well – sometimes missions are too easy, other times they’re way above the player’s level. By the time you’ve unlocked them all, you’re just a step away from New Game plus, where the weapons and armor are even better, so why stick around? Be that as it may, they’re a nice pastime, something that allows you to take a break from pursuing the campaign. If the developers would tweak them a little, they could become great fun.

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