Nioh Sloth Talisman Boss Tactic - How to Kill Every Boss Easily

Nioh takes pride in its difficult boss fights. Hovewere, if you’re not in the mood to replay boss fights for hours, there’s a quicky and easy way to make almost all bosses harmless. It involves a specific low-level spell, and it will blow your mind. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill any boss in Nioh easily.

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Sloth Talisman boss tactic

It’s so simple it almost sounds impossible. You just need to use a Sloth talisman on a boss, and it will slow down its movement to a crawl. Even the most aggressive enemy will become a joke when affected by this spell.

All you need to do is survive long enough to unlock it. Here are the steps you need to complete:

  1. When you arrive to Chugoku region (the second one), look for the Ocean Roars Again main mission. Complete it.
  2. Open the Dojo menu and look for the Way of Onmyo: Adept mission. Finish it.
  3. Open the Onmyo magic skill tree and unlock the spell (second row, second column).

You’ll first need to unlock the two other magic skills that lead up to it. You’ll also need 5 jutsu points. The best thing about it is that you can get it even if you’re not focusing on Onmyo magic. It’s really cheap and low level, so it’s easy to unlock.

Truth be told, it was almost certainly an oversight on the developer’s part. Bosses are usually immune to this kind of status effect in games of this ilk – and for good reason, as you can see. If it is an error, you can be sure it’s going to be corrected as soon as possible, maybe even in the upcoming patch. Make sure you unplug your console from the internet if you want to take advantage of this exploit.

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