Nioh Weapon & Armor Customization - How To Use Blacksmith

Nioh Armor and Weapon customization works a little different than in most games. To access these options, you first have to unlock the Blacksmith option. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Blacksmith in Nioh to customize weapons & armor, how to unlock Blacksmith, and more.

Nioh Weapon & Armor Customization - How To Use Blacksmith
Nioh Blacksmith – How to Customize Weapons & Armor

To unlock the Blacksmith option, you have to complete the Isle of Demons mission. To access it, open the map and go to a mission Starting Point. The Blacksmith option will now be available.

How to Craft Weapons and Armor in Nioh

To craft gear in Nioh, go to the Blacksmith, then select Forge from there. You can now choose between Armor, Weapons and Tools, so head to whichever section you need. Now, scroll through the Smithing Texts at your disposal until you find what you want. When you highlight the desired item, you can see which materials you need on the right. The forging price is right below the list of ingredients. If you have everything you need, select the item you want, and that’s that.

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In case you don’t have enough materials to craft something, you can go back to the main Blacksmith menu. Select Disassemble. This option allows you to get rid of a weapon you don’t want, while still keeping the materials for yourself. Select the item you don’t need, you’ll see what you’ll get buy disassembling on the right.

Nioh How to Upgrade Armor & Weapons

Upgrading your gear in Nioh works a little different than in most games. Basically, if you want to upgrade a weapon, you’ll need another weapon that is more powerful, but you don’t want. Here’s how it goes.

Select Soul Match from the Blacksmith main menu. Put the weapon that you want to upgrade in the section marked Base. In the Material section, you need to put whatever item you’re using to upgrade. For example, you might be focusing on using the hammer, but you found a very powerful katana. You can use that katana to upgrade your hammer. Put the hammer in Base and the katana in Material.

Once you place both items in the proper slots, you’ll see which bonuses your upgraded weapon will have on the right. Below that is the Soul Matching price, which is usually fairly steep. When you find the combo you want, hit Soul Match.

How to change Armor Appearance in Nioh

In Nioh, changing the look of your armor works very much like Soul Match. Essentially, you can make one armor look like another.

Open the Blacksmith menu, then select Refashion. Put the armor you want to refashion in the upper slot. Then, select the armor that you’ll use to refashion and put it in the lower slot. You’ll see the final product on the right. Once everything is to your liking, hit Refashion and enjoy your armor’s new look.

Nioh Reforging – How It Works

Reforge is an interesting feature. What it does is allow you to “re-roll” one of your item’s special effects. Select the item you want to reforge from the menu. The next menu will show you a list of special effects the item has.

Choose which effect you want to get rid off from the list. You’ll see the cost of reforging on the bottom right. Hit Reforge, and your item will get a new special effect. This is random, so always think twice about it.

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