Nioh Amrita Farming - How to earn Amrita & Level Up Fast

Amrita is a currency in Nioh. It is gained mainly by killing enemies, and it’s used to level up and upgrade your stats. You’ll need lots of it if you want to stay ahead of your enemies. There are a lot of ways to acquire it, some more efficient than others. This guide will show you how to earn Amrita in Nioh, and where to farm it, so you could level up fast.

nioh amrita farming
Nioh Amrita farming

How to earn Amrita fast

If you’re anxious to level up as quickly as possible, here are some things we recommend you do:

  • Activate Oracle Blessing – Use the Kodama to buff up the Oracle blessing, as it will reward you with up to 25% more Amrita.
  • Focus on main missions – There are a lot of enemies there, and it seems you’ll earn more by killing large numbers of small enemies, than a small number of large enemies.
  • Make offerings – You can disenchant your unwanted items at shrines, and receive Amrita in return. The amounts aren’t all that, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Use spirit stones – Don’t forget to check your inventory for stray spirit stones from time to time, as they give you small amounts of Amrita.
  • Use armor and weapons that increase your Amrita gian – Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing some damage or protection in order to get more Amrita.
  • Earn titles – Getting Agyo and Ungyo titles will reward you with prestige points, which can be used to buy boosts. Sometimes, the boost will affect your Amrita gain.
  • Use Summoner’s Candle – When you die with a lot of Amrita, and aren’t sure you can get it back, use the candle to safely retrieve it.

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Amrita farming locations

There’s a great farming spot in the early game. It’s a side mission called Finders, Keepers. All you need to do is kill a single enemy. You can repeat it as many times as you’d like, and it’s pretty lucrative. It also rewards you with a princely sum of gold.

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