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Calium is an exotic material in No Man’s Sky. It’s a precious metal that’s quite hard to find – it is used in high-level blueprints, so you’ll need it often when crafting advanced equipment. This guide will show you where to find Calium in No Man’s Sky, which type of planets have a high chance of spawning it.

calium no man's sky

How to get Calium

Since it’s an enormous universe, we can’t give you any exact locations. We can, however, give you some parameters you should look for. Rare materials are more likely to spawn on planets with extreme weather conditions. We found Calium on one with extreme toxicity. You’ll have to land on a planet to check its weather, but as soon as you jump out of the ship, you’ll get a status report. If it doesn’t suit your needs, just jump back in and keep on searching.

The life-form we mined it from was a pulsating mass, round and greyish-green. It didn’t move, at first glance looking like a rock formation. The inventory description says it comes from many “blob-like species” in the galaxy. Make sure you have enough protective modules for your Exosuit – they’re drained pretty quickly in extreme conditions, even when looking through your inventory.

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