NMS Endurance Update on Xbox

The NMS Endurance update on Xbox is still not available, and fans of No Man’s Sky are not having it. They are demanding to know when the Endurance update is going to come out on Xbox, which they’re absolutely in their rights to do. In this article, we’ll share all the info we have on the situation.

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nms endurance update on xbox
NMS Endurance Update on Xbox

No Man’s Sky Endurance Update on Xbox Still Not Available

The No Man’s Sky, or NMS, Endurance update is indeed still not available on Xbox, and at the time of writing, there is no information as to what’s going on. The whole thing is made worse by the fact that Sean Murray put up a large post on the game’s Xbox listing on July 20th about how the update would be coming that day. Nothing seems to fix this, either; restarting the game, or the Xbox app if you’re on PC, or the console itself, all futile. The silence on the part of the developers has only made fans more disappointed and angry. People are theorizing that it might have to do with the verification process, which could very well be, but we just don’t know.

When Will NMS Endurance Update Come Out on Xbox

We don’t know when the NMS Endurance Update will come out for the Xbox version of No Man’s Sky. Like all of you, we’re waiting for any word from either Xbox or Hello Games. We’ll be sure to update the article as soon as official information comes out. This gaffe could not have come at a worse time; just as the developers were managing to wash away the stink of the catastrophic launch, the Leviathan update started brought in wonky textures and crashes on PlayStation and Xbox. But, fine, whatever, that happens sometimes. It’s frustrating but ultimately not unforgivable. However, when you fail to launch a large update on one whole platform after announcing it, you at least owe the fans a prompt explanation. Here’s hoping that Hello Games will fix whatever is going on as soon as possible.

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    There’s a NMS update available to download right now on Xbox.. it has literally just appeared..💯🙂🚀

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