How to Get More Inventory Space | No Man's Sky

Inventory space (and the lack thereof) is one of the biggest challenges in No Man’s Sky. You’re constantly going to have problems with hauling the amazing amounts of loot you’ll find.
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There are several ways to get more inventory slots, so you can carry more stuff with you. This guide will show you how to get more inventory space in No Man’s Sky, both on your ship and in your suit.

how to increase inventory space no man's sky

How to increase inventory space in Exosuit

The easiest way to expand your backpack is by upgrading your Exosuit. You’ll need to look for certain objects on the planets you visit. They look like small sheds with energy doors and they offer the option to upgrade the exosuit and add more inventory space. The first one you encounter will give you a free use, while all the next one will cost some units (10k for the second).

Finding these stations is the hard part, though. Whenever you visit a waypoint, look for a device emitting a red beam nearby. It’s a scanner you can use to discover new places of interest on the planet. You’ll need to craft Bypass Chips in order to use it (combine Iron and Plutonium). Select the Shelters option once you’re in – it will return either a Shelter or a Exosuit Upgrade Station. Repeat as necessary.

How to get additional invetory slots on your ship

The more expensive way is to increase inventory space on your ship. This can be accomplished by bying a new ship, which is quite a pricey affair. You probably shouldn’t resort to it if you can still upgrade your Exosuit, instead leaving this method for later on in the game, when you have no alternative. You can buy almost any ship you happen upon in space stations – just talk to the owner and make an offer.

Upgrade multi-tool for more inventory space

Lastly, you can upgrade your multi-tool (your weapon/mining gear) to get more space. There will be more than enough opportunities to do this, so don’t stress if you’ve missed a few. Here’s where you can expect a multi-tool upgrade:
  • Each space station will offer you a chance to upgrade your multitool. Sometimes you’ll have to look around to find it, so don’t rush.
  • Planetary buildings also have a tendency to offer upgrades, so search them thoroughly.
  • Whenever an alien asks you to hand them your multi-tool, comply. They’ll upgrade it for you!
  • Check out any trader you happen upon – they sometimes sell better multi-tools than the one you have.