How to Make Money in No Man's Sky

There are a lot of ways to make money in No Man’s Sky. Some of them are faster and more lucrative than others. Since there are 18 quintillion planets, you can practically earn infinite money. It’s only a matter of earning it quickly enough. This guide will show you the best ways to earn units in No Man’s Sky.

Earning Units in No Man’s Sky

Here are the most lucrative activities we’ve discovered:
  • Exploration – You earn money for each new discovery you make: every plant, animal and planet. Once you’ve catalogued every species and waypoint on a planet, you’ll receive a sizeable bonus.
  • Selling Atlas Stones – Each Atlas Station you visit will reward you with a free Atlas Stone. You can get about 70k units for each. Just keep in mind you’ll need 10 of these if you want the Atlas ending, so don’t sell them all.
  • Shooting Asteriods – Just fly out into space and shoot asteroids. They’ll drop cheap materials in large quantities. If you go out with an empty inventory, you can get 30k units for 5 minutes of work. When your pockets are full, fly into the station and sell the materials.
  • Selling Bypass Chips – Bypass Chips can be sold for around 3.5k units, and you only need 10 iron and 10 platinum to craft one. These are easy to find materials – just make sure you go for cave deposits first – they seem to attract less attention from Sentinels.
  • Selling Trade Comodities – Every item with a dark green background is a trade comodity. You can sell them safely – they have no other use. Some of them can’t be sold in every systems, but they’re worth holding onto until you find a vendor who wants them.
We’re going to update this guide as we discover new ways to make money. If you have any suggestions you think we should try out, feel free to share them in the comments. Happy space farming!

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    Dave Stegmiller

    Find a space station with a short run way that also has a gold star by the hypersomething resonators in the “sell your stuff” tab. Once you have that, go sit in the landing area and buy up all the resonators then go sell em. Makes money quickly, 2 – 3 hours and I’m sitting at 20mil.

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