How to Get Atlas Pass | No Man's Sky

Atlas Pass is an item you can craft in No Man’s Sky. It’s a kind of key, which lets you unlock certain containers and doors.
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It allows you to get more items and access places that were off limits before. It’s quite easy to craft, but you’ll need the blueprint. This guide will show you how to get Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky, what you need to craft it.

atlas pass no man's sky

Atlass Pass Blueprint

Since this is an essential item, the game will try its best to lead you towards it.
  • Follow the path the game has marked for you, until you enter the third star system.
  • Use the scanner to discover the location of the Alien Monolith.
  • Visit the Monolith to find out the location of an Atlas Station.
  • Travel to the Station and select Accept in the first conversation.
  • Keep jumping forward through star systems until you see a Space Anomaly appear.
  • Enter it and talk to the alien lifeform inside. It should give you the blueprint you’re looking for.

Once you have the Atlas Pass v1 schematic, all you need to do is gather the materials, and you’ll finally be able to open most of the locks you find. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:There are several levels of Atlas Pass, corresponding to clearance levels. You’ll need to upgrade yours as you progress, so you can open higher level doors and containers. There’s no need to worry, though – the game will lead you towards the upgrades. You just have to pay attention to the markers that pop up.