No Man’s Sky to get Stargates in the next update

No Man’s Sky keeps updating, whether you liked it or not. For those who stayed true to the somewhat failed vision, Hello Games is working hard. The next update has been teased for some time now, since June, to be more exact. A number of cassetes were sent out, each containing a coded word behind sounds. When minds turned to detection, it turned out that the message hidden was actually “portals”. And this is exactly what today’s image shows.

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Portals? You mean Stargates?

The whole “alternative reality game” as it was dubbed, continued from this deduction to today’s image. It would appear that stargates will be the new thing in the upcoming 1.3 update, however, no word is officially out yet. Sean Murray, the game’s creator, is expected to make an announcement regarding it relatively soon.

Since its launch, No Man’s Sky has become one of the most controversial games of the year, if not the decade. The idea of a procedurally generated universe had everyone’s attention, however, the actual realization turned out be not as “fun” as it was expected. Many games have taken some of the cues from No Man’s Sky, and tried to improve the formula, however, at this moment, you can see that the whole “procedural generation” thing is not as popular a byword as it used to be last year. What is interesting, however, is the amount of effort that the team is continuing to invest in the game.

The Pathfinder update brought so many changes that it was hard to list them all, including base building features, buggies, tougher permadeth mode, as well as graphics updates. What remains one of the wishes that were originally “promised” was the multiplayer. Perhaps there will be something about it in the new update? Regardless, it is a much better time to be a fan of No Man’s Sky in 2017 than it was last year.