Is No Man’s Sky back? An insane amount of new features in the Pathfinder update

One of the greatest controversies of 2016 was definitely the launch of No Man’s Sky. The indie project amazed everyone at E3 and secured them a deal with Sony. However, the procedurally generated universe turned out to be rather bland and promises were not fulfilled. The discussion on whether the promises were just “too vague” or whether Hello Games was misleading in their marketing continued throughout the year. After a period of silence, there seems to be a lot of new stuff in the update that hits PCs and PS4 today. You might just want to dust off your copy and see what they have been working on.

The Path Finder update list of features is quite large and we cannot cover it in its entirety, but here is a quick overview:

  • Graphics update – Better lightning, occular occlusion, PS4 Pro support and HDR Mode, and a new Photo Mode.
  • Exocraft – Yes, time to start driving them buggies on the surface of your favorite planet Lequestria73XX12. Should help with collecting them resources!
  • A brand new difficulty option – The permadeath mode is now tougher and damaged ships crash land on planets. Of the apes. And other life forms.
  • New base building features – The base customization options have more than doubled with this update.
  • Bases can be shared online – Not quite multiplayer yet, but you can visit other people’s bases and leave messages for those who visit yours. Plus there’s Steam Workshop integration on PC.

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After the previous Foundation update and this one today, it is more than clear that the deadline set for game’s launch date was far from a realistic one. Hello Games are on the right track, but is it too little (it’s quite a lot actually) too late?

Let us hope that this will serve as a reminder that game development is tough and should not be hurried. Just ask Sean Murray.

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