Middle Earth: Shadow of War gets a 16-minute gameplay trailer

We wrote recently about Shadow of War’s leaked images from a teaser. In the meantime, WBGames decided it was time to give people a more significant bite. The new gameplay reveal is quite a bit to take in, clocking in at 16 minutes.

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It would appear we are witnessing Talion and Celebrimbor leading an army of orcs. There are now friendly orcs as well, with an interplay existing between them and the enemies. The second iteration of the Nemesis system seems to offer more potential combinations in the fight for power. It should be a real treat to see how it actually unfolds within the game.

From what has been announced and also seen in the trailer, you will be able to create your own Ring of Power. At some point you might even find yourself going against the Dark Lord himself. This begs the question – what if you defeat him? Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle Earth: Shadow of War are rather loosely based on Lord of the Rings mythos, but still, it would be a bit too much to actually defeat Sauron. What will Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship do? Gandalf would never level up. Boromir would stay alive and miserable. Aragorn might never marry Liz Tyler.

Shadow of War editions have already been announced. There is the Day One Edition, including some pre-order bonuses and it is available for all other editions as well. The list, in order of expensiveness goes something like this: Standard Edition, Silver Edition, Gold Edition, Mithril Edition, which tops the list at $350.

Interesting thing about Middle Earth: Shadow of War is that it has been announced as a Project Scorpio title, alongside the usual platforms. The launch date is August 22, 2017 in the US, and August 25, 2017 in UK for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Project Scorpio version will come out at a later date.