The Order: 1886 Meet The Cast Trailer Released

Sony has released a new trailer for The Order: 1886 today, in which various members of the development studio discuss the main characters of the game, as well as some of the work that went into making it as believable as possible. It’s kind of frightening to see how many people are involved in the process of creating a palpable fictional character these days.

In a blog post accompanying the video, creative director Ru Weerasuriya reveals the cast and sheds some light on the casting process itself, explaining the decisions they’ve made.

Steve West was chosen for the role of Sir Galahad, the protagonist, thanks to his ability to show off the “balance and stoicism that Galahad exuded as a time and battle-worn Knight.” Alice Coulthard got the complex part of Lady Igraine, “a lady of the Victorian Era with poise and decorum”, but also “a skilled and deft warrior”.

The role of Sir Perceval, the old, wise and trusted Knight went to Graham McTavish, who ” became the de facto leader when he stepped onto our stage.” The character of the Marquis de Lafayette is obviously the comic relief of the foursome, and was therefore probably quite a thankless task for Frederik Hamel who “has done the role justice and much more.”

Whether this is all given truth or just the cogs of the marketing machine turning ever so diligently, we’ll know in a couple of days – The Order: 1886 is set to release February 20th, exclusively on Playstation 4.

Source: Sony

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