Outer Worlds Board ID Cartridge Location - City & The Stars - UDL Identity

Board ID Cartridge is one of the disguises in Outer Worlds. It will allow you to access restricted areas on Byzantium, making it easier to finish a whole bunch of tasks. You can get from the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale during the City and The Stars main quest. If you’re wondering how to obtain the UDL identity card, keep reading our Outer Worlds Board ID cartridge location guide.

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outer worlds board id cartridge location city and the stars quest
Outer Worlds Board ID Cartridge Location – City & The Stars – UDL Identity

Where to find Board ID cartridge?

The room with the Board ID cartridge is on the right, below the stairs. However, there’s a guard in front of it. If you talk to him, he’ll let you in if you have intimidate at 70 or lie at 100. Otherwise, go back to the main hall, into the corridor across the hall and into the HR room on the left.

There’s a terminal on the desk there. If you have around 40 hacking, you’ll be able to read the email complaint on it. In it, Caroline Endecott complains about Theodore Isaacs eating her purpleberry lunches. That is good, solid info you can use.

Go back to the main hall and head up the stairs, then right. You’ll find Caroline in the canteen, sitting at a corner table. Mention Theodore and she’ll start talking. If you have at least one point in lie, you’ll be able to get her to help you.Follow her down the stairs to the guard, and she’ll pull a favor to get you in.

Once you’re in, go through the door in front of you and you’ll see a bunch of lockers. The UDL Identity Cartridge will be in one of them.

outer worlds byzantium restricted area disguise

When you’ve finally got your hands on the ID cartridge, you’ll be able to roam around several restricted areas in Byzantium without the guards hassling you.

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    Once I’ve made it through the first door I didn’t use Caroline, I had enough to do it. But I have another guard on the other side that won’t allow me into the room to get the board ID the only way I can get it is by killing everyone which decreased my reputation and makes the next part harder any ideas how to get round the second guard? I’ve tried talking to her, she just says move on and guards are always ready!

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    lauren schechter

    The card wasn’t there for me

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