Outer Worlds Certified Explorer's Hat Unique Armor Location

Certified Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor in Outer Worlds is a piece of gear that you can find in the game. The road to getting the Explorer’s Hat unique armor in Outer Worlds is relatively long and rocky, because it requires you to complete a whole side quest, which will send you on a search quest across the universe. The hat does boost one of your Attributes, though, so it is worth the trouble. With all that said, our Outer Worlds Certified Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor Location guide is gonna show you exactly where to find and how to get the Certified Explorer’s Hat Outer Worlds unique armor.

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Outer Worlds Certified Explorers Hat Unique Armor Location
Outer Worlds Certified Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor Location

Where to Find & How to Get Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor in Outer Worlds?

To find and get the Certified Explorer’s Hat unique armor in Outer Worlds, you’ll have to make your way to Byzantium first. Once you do, go to the northeast of Byzantium and enter the Bureau of Exploration. From the entrance, head straight forward into the room with the blue floor and pillars. On the right side of the room, you’ll see Alonzo Vallejos. Speak with him and agree to help him. This will start the All Halcyon in a Day.

Exit the building and head south towards Rococo’s Decor. The first beacon is to the right of the door. The second beacon is on top of a hill in the northeast of the Emerald Vale region. Take a gander at the images below to see where they are.

The third beacon is on Scylla, to the west of the landing pad. You will have to step outside of the protective barrier, so make it super-quick, because you’ll die very quickly. The fourth and final beacon is in central Monarch Wilderness. Again, take a look at the images below for the exact locations.

Once you have all four beacons, head back to the Bureau of Exploration and talk to Alonzo Vallejos again. You’ll get the Certified Explorer’s Hat as a reward. It doesn’t do much in terms of protecting you from stuff. However, it does boost your Perception attribute by one. Considering there’s no other way to increase your attributes in the game, this is a pretty significant deal.

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