Outer Worlds Ship Decoration Locations

Ship Decorations in Outer Worlds are items that you can find in order to make the Unreliable a little bit prettier. The Outer Worlds Ship Decorations are strewn all across the game’s many worlds. Very often, they’re in places that you’ll very easily overlook if you don’t know where to find the ship decorations. So, in this guide, we’re gonna show you where to find & where to see ship decorations in Outer Worlds.

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Outer Worlds Ship Decoration Locations
Outer Worlds Ship Decoration Locations

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more Outer Worlds ship decorations as we discover them.

Where to See Ship Decorations in Outer Worlds?

To see ship decorations in Outer Worlds, after you find them, you can look for them on the ship. Each one that you find is gonna be in a different room, as far as we can tell. Every one of the ship decorations we’ve found so far were in the individual crew member’s rooms. For example, the Kick Me sign will be in SAM’s room. So, yeah, just climb up the stairs to the upper floor of the Unreliable, and snoop through the crew quarters to find the Ship Decorations you’ve found in The Outer Worlds.

Where to Find Terror on Monarch Poster Ship Decoration in Outer Worlds?

To find the Terror on Monarch Poster Outer Worlds Ship Decoration, you need to go to the Emerald Vale Region. Specifically, I recommend traveling over to the Botanical Lab fast travel point. Head south from there, past the building with the Spacer’s Choice sign, where Stefan Garcia is chilling out. Go inside the “house” that just next to it. The Terror on Monarch poster is on the wall of this little bedroom. Steal it, and get the hell out.

Antique Sabre Ship Decoration Outer Worlds Location

The location of the Outer Worlds Antique Sabre ship decoration is in the Emerald Vale Community Center. From the entrance into the Community Center, go into the room that’s on the left of the entrance hall. Straight in front of you is yet another room, so waltz on over into it. The sabre is on the bottom shelf of the display case, next to a hand and a black skull. It’s a little finicky to grab, since it’s laying flat.

Ship Decoration OSI Vial in Outer Worlds – Where to Find?

To find the OSI Vial Outer Worlds ship decoration, head to the church in Edgewater. It’s the large, X-shaped building next to the Emerald Vale General Store in Edgewater; it’s practically impossible to miss. When you enter the church, walk to the center of the building. Then, turn to the right, to the southwest. Walk to the end of the corridor, and take a look at the left corner of the “altar.” That’s where you’ll find the OSI Vial.

Ship Decoration Outer Worlds Kick Me Sign Location

The location of the Kick Me Sign Ship Decoration in Outer Worlds is in the bowels of the Saltuna Cannery in Edgewater. Enter the Cannery, turn left, and go through the door next to the Spacer’s Choice sign. Round the corner to the right, and walk all the way to the end of the conveyor belt, in the northeast corner of the room. Walk around the edge of the conveyor belt, and you’ll see the Kick Me sign taped onto a piece of machinery.

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  1. G

    2 posters are on phineas lab on the table, and they go in nyokas room

  2. S

    There is a danger sign for felix’s room, in the lab with the raptidon specimens, the room you put the gas canisters into.

  3. S

    There are three posters of fauna in Phineas’ lab

  4. S

    There are three posters in Phineas lab, a snakeskin in a cabin not far from rosewater town, a poster in the bar on groundbreaking and a danger sign in the lab in rosewater.

  5. B

    There is an small OSI pyramid in the office of Udom Bedford on the Groundbreaker. It ends up in the vicars room on The Unreliable.

  6. L

    OSI prayer beads are in the lockup room in customs on one of the shelves around where you find the mardet ID card.

  7. E

    There’s four in Groundbreaker I found: two in the security lock-up right as soon as you go through the customs gates (you can get in there either by using the holographic cloak, persuading the young private sitting down on the right of the speaking window next to the commandant you gives you the bounty mission into giving you a “tour”, or by completing that bounty mission which gives you free reign to wander around the place) in the back you can pick up both some rosaries for Max and a goddamn hula hoop that chills in SAM’s cupboard.
    Then there’s a book for Parvati in engineering right next to where Junlei tennyson hangs out on the right side.
    Then there’s a mini security drone in the Back Bay (he’s called Petey and he’s my best friend) – go to the right hand side of the place and down the stairs and he’s on a workbench on the opposite side of the room from the stairway. He stays in Parvati’s room back in the Unreliable.

  8. M

    There is a book in the church like building in the small town area outside the south east gate in stellar bay. There is also a unique armor piece called “a nice hat” in the building on a skeleton.

  9. I found a book beneath a bed with a dead scientist on it in the prison cells of the Secret Lab in Roseway.

  10. E

    Here’s the ones I’ve found in Roseway:
    There’s a snakeskin in one of the locked buildings on the main road from the Landing pad to the Roseway settlement. It’s a low lock pick skill door so it’s no biggie.
    Inside the Roseway walled settlement in the communications Building near Anton there’s a book you can pick up.
    North of the Roseway settlement with all the science nerds hanging out in the hills at the corner of the map there’s a Distillery – there’s a rug on the floor and that’s your decoration.
    In the Auntie-Biotics lab (I think it’s called?) in the big central store room on one of the counters in the centre is a small stack of books. It looks like nothing but that’s your decoration (say hi to Jameson/Jameson’s corpse for me!)
    if you decide to crush that one scientist’s dreams of making the best weapon you can hang his poster schematics in your ship (It’s a quest I’m trying not to be too super crazy spoilery)
    In the Covert Lab at the big raptidon containment room on the west side there’s a “DANGER” sign on the wall that you can steal and hang in your ship.
    If I come across any more I’ll write another comment on here with the details!

  11. E

    Found one more on Roseway and more details about another one:
    The DANGER sign in the covert lab isn’t a conventional sign but looks more like a foam finger on a barrel.
    In the containment cells on the east side of the facility there’s a decoration just boringly called “Book” – you can either unlock them manually with lock picking or hack the computer and unlock all of them in one go.

  12. There is a string of lights on Scylla hanging from a shack roof on top of the building covered in marauders behind the landing pad.

  13. E

    There’s two decorations on Scylla and they’re both right near each other. If you go to the wrecked freighter just to the north of the landing pad you should find a bunch of outlaws salvaging it. Kill them (or don’t I’m not your dad) and look for a campsite. Hanging up there rather obviously are some colourful Christmas lights. These are some decorations you can nab and they’ll be hung up in SAM’s room/closet. The second decoration is a Tossball. It’s small but is just resting on a nearby crate. I can’t remember exactly where but just look through the area and you should find it.

  14. E

    There’s another in Groundbreaker that I don’t think anybody’s mentioned yet. In the Last Hope Bar just on the wall to the right of the entrance as you’re exiting the establishment is a poster just begging to be hung in Ellie’s cabin. However, it does count as stealing so everybody in the bar is gonna get super pissed at you but all you have to do is a 25 lie/persuade/intimidate check, pay the fine, or kill every last one of them like the crazed homicidal maniac we all are deep down inside the darkest pits of our mind. Doing the speech check isn’t a big deal it’s just a 1% to your negative reputation but if you do all the quests there are to do in Groundbreaker you’ll still be Revered. You just saved the ship from devastation the least they could do is let you take a poster off the local dive bar’s wall.

  15. E

    There’s a cube on the front desk at the main offices of Stellar’s Bay in Monarch. Annoyingly it counts as stealing so you’ll have to talk/bribe/shoot your way out of there but hey it looks pretty . A bunch of quests point you towards the main offices since the dude who runs the town and his cute secretary are based there so you can’t miss it.

  16. I’m not particularly certain because I’m not heartless, but I think you can steal the signed Rizzo’s Ranger poster from Grimm in the a Grimm Tomorrow quest right next to the landing pad in Stellar Bay. Somebody please confirm.

  17. In Fallbrook, the Sublight town on Monarch, inside the building selling ammo and guns right next to the door is a poster for the Spacers choice pistol. This counts as stealing so scare the people or cough up the bits if you want this decoration.

  18. Found 3 decorations on Byzantium, the one in the central plaza is a Titus androidicus poster. The compass on a chain is in the bureau of exploration on the top floor, and the second tossball is in the storage area in the retiree section right outside the docking bay.

    1. M

      Where do these go? I found the snow globe in SAM’s room but I can’t find the others anywhere

  19. E

    There’s a toss ball to be found in Fallbrook to make it three alongside the one in Scylla and the one in Byzantium as previously mentioned in these here comments. If you go to Malin’s House of Hospitality and it’s on the bottom floor on the bar next to to the guy who the game marks as a merchant for some reason but only runs the local betting shop.

    Also some details about some decorations for the captain’s cabin: I was able to get 5 different captain’s quarters decorations on monarch –
    There’s the Iconoclast and the MSI decorations which I think you can only get one or the other if you side with one particular faction but if you broker peace between the factions you can get both.
    It’s hard to spot but on the square box to the right of the bed is a little circle with the Iconoclast logo which you can only get if Zora takes charge of the Iconoclasts.
    On the other side of the bed from the door are two massive decorations: there’s a Boarst factory sign I think I got for being nice to the factory in Monarch presumably from either double-crossing Catherine in her mission to take the factory or by making a mutually beneficial agreement between the factory and Fallbrook (which is what I did). In addition, there’s a giant mounted Mantiqueen head which I think I got for completing the quest “Mr Pickett’s Big Game” but i could be wrong on that but in my eyes that seems like the best bet.

    1. L

      Thanks for the sharings.
      About Iconoclast and MSI decorations, I’m not there yet but I read up guide it show we can alliance them both, so by any chance did you try it?
      Also I’m sure the Mantiqueen Head was not from Mr Pickett quest, because I got it early today while exploring with Nyoko, though I didn’t notice how I get it too.

      1. I’m not sure, but you may get it if you kill one or more mantiqueens because I got Nyoka as late as I possibly could and when I went on my ship it was there.

      2. E

        Yes you can make peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI. I wouldn’t call it an alliance they’re aren’t exactly best of friends but they come to an agreement. It’s tricky though you have to convince both parties that working together is the better option and when one side want to bulldoze all corporations and the other wants to be back on The Board it’s pretty damn tricky. I managed to do it and i got both the Iconiclast and MSI decorations for my troubles.
        Oh okay I hadn’t gone back to the captains’ chambers since i touched down on Monarch so i just assumed it was tied to the quest that directly involved killing a Mantiqueen. It might be the first time you take down a Mantiqueen or a Mega Mantiqueen then?

  20. R

    Found Colourful Lights on the loading bay for the Circus Time Freighter on Scylla

  21. I found 2 more decorations in Byzantium. The broken snowglobe is really hard to miss. Go through the main campaign and you’ll find it fallen over next to a desk next to a terminal with bunches of plot spoilers. I also found yet another ‘book’ inside the room to the left of Minister Clark in the mansion you need to enter for the main quest.

  22. E

    I did the alliance between the Iconoclast and MSI and i got the Iconoclast and MSI decorations.

  23. H
    Hannah Fox

    There’s another on Groundbreaker I haven’t seen mentioned yet. It’s inside the Rest-n-Go on the top floor. Go up the stairs and into the room, and there are some Tossball cards on a table.

    1. K

      There’s a pocket watch on a table in Phineas’s lab. When you’re entering the lab, go directly to the glass he’s behind. Turn right. It’s in a table against the wall in front of you.

  24. About to start my second playthrough, I’ll let you know about any decorations you get for siding differently and with UDL.

  25. T
    That n7 guy

    There’s a fur rug in a cave west side of Roseway that goes in Nyoka a room

  26. T

    I don’t know where I got it but in the capt’s cabin I have a sword leaning up next to the bed.

  27. C
    Chris Cookson

    You get the mantiqueen head for completing nyoka’s quest star crossed troopers.

  28. K

    There’s a model ship on the Groundbreaker. I believe it’s in the Back Bay area. I THINK it was down the stairs in the room you’ll find some of the marauders and one off the privates in.

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