Outer Worlds The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Bug Solution

The Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest bug in Outer Worlds has been plaguing players that attempt to select one of the options at the end of the mission. Specifically, the glitch in the Outer Worlds Chimerist’s Last Experiment side quest seems to crop up when you try to select the “Phineas” option. However, it might not be a bug after all; rather, you might need to push the main campaign further. That said, we’re gonna show you how to fix the hostility bug in the “Phineas” option in our Outer Worlds The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Bug Solution guide.

Outer Worlds The Chimerists Last Experiment Bug Solution
Outer Worlds The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Bug Solution

How to Solve Chimerist’s Last Experiment Hostility Quest Bug in Outer Worlds?

To solve the Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest bug in Outer Worlds, the one where people turn hostile towards you, you’ll have to complete the main quest called “The City and the Stars.” As far as we can tell, this is not necessarily a bug; rather, it depends on your progress and choices within the game. There will be some spoilers from here on out, so continue at your own discretion.

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Near the finale of the Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest, you’ll have three options: make Dr. Chartrand work with Phineas, make her work with The Board, or just kill her like you’re supposed to. The “bug” seems to appear only if you try to talk her into working with Phineas: there are no options to talk the guard down or bribe him into letting you go where there are if you pick The Board. So, what you have to do is complete “The City and the Stars” without selling Phineas out to the board. This will put you in touch with a woman called Sophia.

Now, go back to the Chimerist quest and tell Chartrand to work with Phineas. You should now be able to mention Sophia to the guard, and then get the option to either sweet-talk your way out, or pony up the cash. This will earn you some negative reputation with both The Board and SubLight Salvage & Shipping, but oh well. Convincing the doctor to work for Halcyon earns you good rep with The Board, but negative with SubLight Salvage & Shipping. Killing her will get you bad rep with The Board, but very positive with SubLight Salvage & Shipping. Pick your poison.

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