Outer Worlds How to Reset & Improve Faction Reputation

Faction reputation is a stat in Outer Worlds. It dictates how members of a certain faction will react to your presence, how much they like or dislike you. It is shaped by your decisions and actions – pick choices that help a member, and the entire faction will like you more for it. Do stuff that harms them, and they’ll all start disliking you. Keep doing bad stuff, and they’ll slowly turn hostile. A lot of folks are wondering if there’s a way to change a faction’s reputation after you’ve gone all the way into negative and they’ve turned hostile. This guide will show you how to reset & improve faction reputation in Outer Worlds.

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outer worlds how to reset improve hostile faction reputation
Outer Worlds How to Reset & Improve Faction Reputation

How to reset hostile faction reputation?

You can’t really reset it. If a faction has turned hostile and they try to kill you on sight, you can forget about ever interacting with them again. This only happens if you constantly and consistently piss them of, or pick a quest choice that ends with a massacre of their group. For instance, if you side with one group in the Candid’s Cradle quest, the other will hate you for it.

However, if you’re just in the crosshairs for petty theft or something like that, you can come back from it. Leave the area and let them cool off for a few days, then return. They can dislike you heavily and still interact with you, so long as you haven’t pushed them into open hostility. Negative and positive reputations are measured on separate counters, so the good stuff you do for them counts too.

If you’re in the doghouse for a tiny transgression, just make sure you do right by the faction in the future and they won’t hold a grudge. However, if you go into full-on genocide mode, don’t expect your reputation to be able to recover from that.

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