Outer Worlds Cleaning Machine - Acid Steeper Location

Cleaning Machine is a side quest in Outer Worlds. It’s a quest that starts when you try to interact with the decommissioned robo janitor aboard the Unreliable. After you talk to your ship’s AI, you’ll have to go and look for an Acid Steeper. The part can be found easily, but only after you’ve unlocked a certain part of the map. This guide is going to show you where to find Outer Worlds acid steeper for the Cleaning Machine quest.

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outer worlds cleaning machine acid steeper location
Outer Worlds Cleaning Machine – Acid Steeper Location

Where to find Acid Steeper?

The steeper is at Roseway Gardens, in the abandoned storage facility south of the landing pad. You’ll need to have finished a bunch of other quests in order to get there, including Passage to Anywhere. Once you have the Navkey, you’ll be able to land at Roseway. Approach the facility and enter from the north. When you get to the third room, look down and to the left. The steeper will be on the shelf, between some boxes.

However, the first door you face might be locked, if you haven’t already explored the place. You’ll either need 35 lockpicking or the Storage Facility Passcode. You can find the latter on the body of a scientist, propped against the wall on the far side of the second floor.

Once you have the part, return to the ship and interact with the robot. Install the new piece of hardware, and it’ll ask you if you want to register the SAM to yourself – accept and you’ll get a new companion. Unlike the other companions, SAM doesn’t have a personal quest. On the other hand, he will develop a relationship with ADA as time passes, so at least that’s something. His skills aren’t all that useful if you already have everyone else on the team, but he’s still nice to have.


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