Give Module to Graham or Sanjar - Candid's Cradle - Outer Worlds

Candid’s Cradle is a side quest in Outer Worlds. You’ll receive it automatically while playing the Radio Free Monarch main mission, and it requires you to choose between to warring factions. You’ll get a targeting module near the end, which you can either give to the Iconoclasts or the MSI. There’s also a third option, but it’s a bit tricky to pull off. If you’re wondering who to side with in Candid’s Cradle, this guide will show you what happens when you give module to Graham or Sanjar in Outer Worlds.

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outer worlds give module to sanjar or graham candid's cradle quest
Give Module to Graham or Sanjar – Candid’s Cradle – Outer Worlds

Give the Module to Sanjar – side with MSI

If you want to help the MSI, simply talk to Sanjar at Stellar Bay and offer him the targeting module. You’ll get a lot of MSI reputation and a unique flamethrower called MSI Saltuna Searer. Graham, Zora and the rest of the Iconoclasts will end up dead.

Give the Module to Graham – side with the Iconoclasts

If you want to help the Iconoclasts, go to Amber Heights and talk to Graham. Zora will stop you along the way, as she wants to depose Graham. You can either let her try on her own and fail, or help her. In material terms, it makes no difference. Whoever ends up surviving will take the targeting module, you’ll get a bunch of Iconoclast reputation and a unique light machine gun called The Good Word. Sanjar and the MSI will be wiped out in an attack on Stellar Bay.

Convince MSI and the Iconoclasts to negotiate – best ending

This option leads to the best outcome, but it’s the hardest one to pull off – you’ll have to complete a bunch of side objectives in a bunch of faction quests, and be a skilled negotiator. Here’s a list of things you need to complete before trying to set up the negotiations:

  • BOLT With His Name: Take this side quest from Sanjar, then make sure you do the optional objective and wipe the data from the ARMS terminals. Read his executive review before you do.
  • The Commuter: This is the first Iconoclasts faction quest. Complete the optional objective and choose to get extra supplies from Carlotta.
  • Pay for The Printer: Make sure you save the team by getting the trauma kit from the dead medic in the second Iconoclasts faction quest.
  • Sucker Bait: Talk to Zora after you complete the previous quest, and she’ll send you on this one. Simply finish it.

Now that you have all the relevant info, you can start the process:

  1. Talk to Sanjar after you get the targeting module. Don’t give it to him – suggest a truce between the two. Tell him you’ve read his reviews and suggest Zora as a replacement for Graham.
  2. Get Zora’s review from an HR terminal in Cascadia by following the objective marker and bring it back to Sanjar.
  3. Go talk to Zora and agree to help her overthrow Graham.
  4. Once he’s dead, tell her you want her to negotiate with Sanjar. You’ll need 55 persuade or leadership, or very high (9) intelligence in order to convince her.
  5. Once both are on board, go to the church.
  6. Try to keep everyone calm. Suggest the Iconoclasts should guard the supply lines. Insist Sanjar had nothing to do with the Amber Heights massacre. Mention the proof you found.

Once they’re in agreement, you’ll complete the quest. Both factions will love you, nobody will have to die (except for Graham), and you’ll get the Soft Speaker unique weapon.