Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole - Don't Bite the Sun - Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole are a part of the Don’t Bite the Sun companion quest for Parvati. To complete this step of Don’t Bite the Sun, you have to go to Monarch and figure out where to find and how to get the Dustback Casserole and the Sweetheart Cake. And that can be more difficult than you’d think. With that in mind, our Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole – Don’t Bite the Sun – Outer Worlds guide is gonna show you how to complete this step of Parvati’s companion quest.

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Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole Dont Bite the Sun Outer Worlds
Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole – Don’t Bite the Sun – Outer Worlds

How to Get Outer Worlds Sweetheart Cake in Don’t Bite the Sun Quest?

To get the Ersatz Sweetheart Cake in the Outer Worlds Don’t Bite the Sun quest, you’ll have to walk for quite a bit. See, when you land on Monarch, in Cascadia, you’ll be next to a bridge. The place you wanna go to, Rizzo’s Facility, is right across the bridge. The bride’s closed. So, you’ll have to trudge all the way to the north and to the second bridge, and then make your way back down to Cascadia. Just follow the signs, and everything will be just peachy.

Until you get to Cascadia, that is, because you’ll run into yet another locked gate. Not a problem. Facing the locked gate, turn left, and head along the wall. Pretty soon, you’re gonna see a big ole hole in the wall, caused by a crashed craft. Waltz into Cascadia, and follow the quest marker until you get to Rizzo’s. Kill the enemies lurking inside. The Sweetheart Cake is in a little baggie behind the bar, next to a terminal that you might wanna check out before leaving Rizzo’s.

Outer Worlds Don’t Bite The Sun – Where to Find Terra One Dustback Casserole?

To find the Terra One Dustback Casserole for the Don’t Bite the Sun quest in Outer Worlds, go to the north of Monarch, to Stellar Bay. Cross the long bridge, and enter the new area. From there, things are pretty simple. Just follow the quest marker into the restaurant. Go behind the line and talk to the cook with the red hat by the name of Chef Raymond. The man, not the hat.

Now then, there’s one last problem here – Chef Raymond is one expensive chef. In fact, he’ll ask for a grand total three thousand Bits to make the dustback casserole. If you have Intimidation up to 50, then you can bring the price down to “only” two thousand Bits. Pony up the cash, and continue the quest.

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