Outer Worlds How to Use Hologram & ID Cartridges - Holographic Shroud

The holographic shroud is a tool in Outer Worlds. It’s a device that lets you disguise yourself using the appropriate ID cartridge, so you can roam restricted areas without having to deal with the guards. It’s an extremely useful tool, but a lot of folks can’t figure out how to use it, since the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to use hologram & ID cartridges in Outer Worlds.

outer worlds how to use hologram id cartridge holographic shroud
Outer Worlds How to Use Hologram

How to use holographic shroud

You’ll get the holographic shroud pretty early on. It can be found on the Unreliable, and you can’t really miss it. In order to disguise yourself with it, you’ll need an ID cartridge. Each one provides a specific disguise that only works in a certain restricted area. For example, during the Slaughterhouse Clive quest, you can get one that lets you pretend you’re a worker employed at the C&P Boarst factory.

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When you obtain an ID cartridge, you might begin to wonder how exactly to use it with the hologram device. The answer is deceivingly simple – it will be applied automatically as soon as you enter the restricted area it covers. Both you and your companions will automatically become immune to inquisitive looks and hostile action in a restricted area – that is, as long as you behave as you’re expected to. This means no running, no combat, no stealing when you’re in plain sight. In general, no funny business.

If you do anything to raise suspicion, the holographic shroud you’re enveloped in will disappear, making you a sitting duck in a lion’s den. And although ducks might not be a lion’s first culinary choice, they’ll maul on principle. So make sure you behave, or else you’ll have wasted time and resources to sneak in for nothing.

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