Outer Worlds How to Dismiss Companions

Dismissing companions, and adding and removing people from your party, is something that you can do in Outer Worlds, as is the case with all RPGs that feature companions. You can even dismiss Outer Worlds party members permanently, if you so choose. However, some people have been having trouble figuring this mechanic out. So, in our Outer Worlds How to Dismiss Companions guide, we’re gonna show you how to add and remove companions in your Outer Worlds party, as well as how to dismiss companions permanently.

Outer Worlds How to Dismiss Companions
Outer Worlds How to Dismiss Companions

How to Add & Remove Companions in Outer Worlds?

To add and remove companions in your Outer Worlds party, there are two ways you can do this. The first one is just as you’re leaving the ship. Before you get to go outside, you have the chance to edit your party, as it were. Select which party members you wanna go with, and then head outside. You can even go out alone, if you really want to. Just keep in mind that you have to get to the point where you have your own ship before any of this.

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The second method is to approach one of the party members, and talk to them. One of the options is gonna be to tell them to go back to the ship. Just keep in mind that you can’t summon party members from the ship while your on the surface of a planet. You have to go back to the ship to do that.

How to Dismiss Outer Worlds Companions Permanently?

To dismiss companions permanently in Outer Worlds, go back aboard your ship. Then, find the companion that you wanna get rid off completely, and speak to them. Select the option that’s most along the lines of “I want you to go away.” In the next step in the dialogue, confirm your choice by selecting whatever is not “Leave Conversation.” And, that’s it. The companion will be gone from your party for good.

Now, I have no idea why you’d hate a party member so thoroughly that you’d want to kick them out forever. Maybe for roleplaying purposes, that’s the only reason I can think of. There may be some way to find the companion you’ve told off and convince them to come back, but we haven’t managed to pull it off.

And that’s about it when it comes to dismissing companions in Outer Worlds. For more info about the game, you can check out our other Outer Worlds guides. Among others, we’ve got Zoe Bugged – A Few Kindred Spirits Quest, Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole – Don’t Bite the Sun, and Give Module to Graham or Sanjar – Candid’s Cradle.

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    Thanks for this. I find the companions pretty annoying. They just die 10 seconds into combat and they don’t really add any immersion for me. The NPC interactively is already lifeless enough. These robotic compananions just make it worse imho.


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