Outer Worlds Iconoclast Apostle Unique Helmet & Armor Location

Iconoclast Apostle unique armor and helmet in Outer Worlds are parts of an armor sets that you can find in the game. The only tricky part is that the both the unique Iconoclast Apostle helmet and armor in Outer Worlds are locked behind side quests that you might have missed. If this armor set is giving you trouble, our Outer Worlds Iconoclast Apostle Unique Helmet & Armor Location guide is gonna show you exactly where to find and how to get the unique Iconoclast Apostle armor and helmet in Outer Worlds.

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Outer Worlds Iconoclast Apostle Unique Helmet & Armor Location
Outer Worlds Iconoclast Apostle Unique Helmet & Armor Location

Where to Find Iconoclast Apostle Unique Helmet in Outer Worlds?

To find the Iconoclast Apostle Outer Worlds unique helmet, go to Monarch, and enter Amber Heights, which is the home base of the Iconoclasts. Go into the large building in the east of Amber Heights, and climb upstairs. Speak with Graham Bryant, and get steer the conversation to get the “The Commuter” quest. From there, simply follow the quest marker to a compound in the northeast.

Speak with Niles at the entrance into the compound. We managed to convince him and his cronies to leave through our high Persuasion skill. You need to get inside, so, if you don’t have the stats to talk him down, just kill everyone. Then, follow the marker to the intercom. Convince Carlotta to open the door. Speak with her, then double-back and talk to Graham again. This will grant you the Iconoclast helmet among other rewards, and the next quest step.

The Iconoclast Apostle helmet grants you 29 resistance to all types of damage, and a nice +5% to melee damage. Not bad, not bad at all, especially combined with the armor. Speaking of which…

How to Get Iconoclast Apostle Unique Outer Worlds Armor?

To get the Iconoclast Apostle unique armor in Outer Worlds, accept the “Pay for the Printer” quest from Graham Bryant, as explained above. Just follow the quest marker, or fast-travel to the Terra One Publication point. Enter the building where the printing press is, kill the beasts lying inside, and repair what need repairing. Essentially, just go wherever the quest marker tells you to, it’s not rocket science. Once that’s done, go and have a chat with Graham.

Your reward for completing this quest, along with other stuff, is gonna be the Iconoclast Apostle unique Armor. It has a Shock Armor Rating of 10, but it’s excellent against all types of damage. It also grants you +5 to Melee Weapon Skills. On top of that, it includes the Thug Kit (+10 to Melee Weapon & Defense Skills), as well as a backpack that increases your carrying capacity by 20 kg.

If you need further help with finding the different unique armor pieces in Outer Worlds, we have more guides for you to check out. For example, Certified Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor Location, Raptidon Handler Unique Armor Location, and Nice Hat Unique Armor Location.

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