Where to Buy Outer Worlds DLC Peril on Gorgon

Peril on Gorgon is the first story expansion for Outer Worlds. This DLC is going to be released tomorrow, on September 9th, but it’s nowhere to be found on digital storefronts. This has caused mild anxiety and frustration for a number of players, who wanted nothing more than to buy the DLC before it’s out. If you’re one of them, we’re going to show you where to buy Outer Worlds DLC Peril on Gorgon, so you can rest easily.

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where to buy outer worlds dlc peril on gorgon
Where to Buy Outer Worlds DLC Peril on Gorgon

If you’re wondering where to buy Outer Worlds DLC, you can do it wherever you bought the game itself. It’s not exclusive to any platform or storefront, and nobody expects you to buy the whole game again. However, you cannot do it now. There is no preorder for the DLC – not on the Epic Games store, not on the Microsoft Store, not on PSN or Xbox. You’ll simply have to wait until tomorrow before you can get it.

The DLC is set to launch at 12 PM EDT – that’s 9 PM PDT the day before, 6 AM CEST or 2 PM AEST. Since official info is scarce, there might be some platform-specific differences. If you don’t like checking whether the expansion has gone live manually, you could keep an eye on the developers’ social media channels – they’re sure to announce the release as soon as it’s time.

It’s going to cost $15 to get Peril on Gorgon by itself. If you’re a person of faith and you think you’re going to enjoy both it and the next one (even though we know nothing about it apart from the fact it will, at some point in the future, exist), you can buy the expansion pass for $25. It includes Peril of Gorgon and DLC #2, whatever it might end up being called.

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  1. A
    akkar aung

    Thank you so much

  2. B

    It’s past the listed time and it’s still not available in any storefront. Any update?

    1. A

      yeah its till not dropped here either

      1. B

        FYI, it became available at 11:15 AM CT. I was able to purchase it. Interestingly, it was only 10MB. I guess the actual files came mostly in the 1.4 update.

  3. S

    I saw it briefly in the playstation store, but when I clicked it, it gave me an error message that said something along the lines of “content not available at this time.” Now I cannot find it anymore??
    Maybe there is an issue with the DLC???

  4. S

    The DLC is set to launch at 12 PM EDT – that’s 9 PM PDT the day before, 6 AM CEST or 2 PM AEST

    This is wrong. 12pm EDT is 9AM PDT the SAME day. It likely drops in 15 minutes from now at noon.

  5. C
    Charlie O

    Still not seeing it!

  6. S

    For the record 12 PM Eastern is 9 AM Pacific not 9 PM obviously. As of 1:48 PM EST this is no where to be found for me though, disappointing.

  7. B

    Its not on Epic yet, not for me anyway….

  8. J

    Not seeing it on the Epic store, and it’s 4:40 PM EST. Maybe it’s not out yet in Canada or something?

  9. R
    Randy Allen

    First, it is 4:26 PM CDT and I still cannot find where to buy it. Next, you state, “The DLC is set to launch at 12 PM EDT – that’s 9 PM PDT the day before…” Obviously, you do not know how time works. 12 PM is noon, 12 AM EDT is midnight, making it 9 PM PDT. Don’t feel too bad, a lot of people get this wrong. Now, does anyone know where I can purchase this?

  10. A

    Would be nice if the person who said they purchased it, could tell us where they went to purchase it. I’m on the Epic Games Launcher with the main game and no luck.

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