Outer Worlds Rescue Jameson - By His Bootstraps - Cleo Lab Office Keycard Location

By His Bootstraps is a side quest in Outer Worlds. In it, you have to rescue Jameson, a lab technician trapped in a laboratory overrun by monsters. A lot of players have been complaining about the door to his room being locked, or Jameson being dead when they arrived to free him. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to rescue Jameson in Outer Worlds, so you can complete By His Bootstraps quest.

outer worlds rescue jameson by his bootstraps cleo lab office keycard location
Outer Worlds Rescue Jameson – By His Bootstraps – Cleo Lab Office Keycard Location

Jameson’s room is locked

When you get to where the quest marker is pointing, you’ll realize Jameson’s room is locked. A safety protocol locked him inside after the attack, but you can pick the lock if you have lockpick at at least 20. Otherwise, you’ll have to find the Cleo Lab office keycard in order to get through that door. If you’re not getting a prompt to pick the lock or use the keycard, it’s probably a bug. Try restarting the game or reloading an earlier save.

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Where to find Cleo Lab office keycard?

The keycard is extremely easy to find. When you enter the Auntie-Biotics Lab, you’ll see a counter in front of you. Go around it, and there will be a corpse on the ground. The keycard will be next to it, on the white board.

Jameson is dead

A lot of folks are having a peculiar problem with this quest. When they break into Jameson’s room, it turns out he’s dead, even though he should’ve been safe inside. We had this issue ourselves. We tried reloading an earlier save, from before we even picked the quest up, and everything was fine.

It seems like you either have to complete this quest as soon as you pick it up, although the game doesn’t signal this, or you have to complete it before doing some other quest. Either way, don’t postpone rescuing Jameson, or you might end up locked out of the quest.

Anton attacking players

We’ve heard reports of players being attacked by Anton and the rest of his faction after failing to save Jameson. This probably has something to do with faction reputation – failing the quest may be carrying a hefty reputation penalty, which is making them turn hostile (especially if you’ve already wronged them before).

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  1. J

    Unfortunately he always dies here, even loading a save before the quest begins.

  2. U
    Uchenna Ani-Okoye

    He dies if you lift the hallway lockdown, first console you see, which opens his door, exposing him to the animals, who eat him.

    1. S

      First playthrough he was alive – second, he’s dead, regardless of whether I open the doors using that console or not.

      1. D

        Figured it out. Timer starts as soon as one enters Roseway for the first time. Before even taking the quest.
        So if one wanders a lot in Roseway collecting items or whatever he will surely be dead even if one goes there after taking the quest. Quest should be taken ASAP after entering Roseway.

  3. A
    Af Rheeder

    Hi. Dmitry is right. Just go get the quest from Anton and do it first. The Jameson is still alife

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