Outer Worlds Zoe Bugged - A Few Kindred Spirits Quest

A Few Kindred Spirits is a side quest in Outer Worlds. In it, a local sheriff at the Botanical Lab asks you to look for a missing girl. It should be pretty straightforward – go to the place she usually hangs out at, look for clues, find the girl, persuade her to return to the settlement. However, there are a few bumps in the road, mostly bugs, that are making a lot of trouble for folks trying to complete the quest. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to fix the Outer Worlds Zoe bugs, so you can send her home.

outer worlds zoe bugged few kindred spirits quest
Outer Worlds Zoe Bugged – A Few Kindred Spirits Quest

Can’t end combat & talk to Zoe

A number of folks have complained about being unable to talk to Zoe after finding her. The combat music doesn’t stop, and there’s no way to start a conversation with her. This usually happens because there’s a marauder or two hiding out somewhere nearby. The combat will only end after you’ve cleared them all out, so take some time to find the last survivors and deal with them.

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How to convince Zoe to go back

Some folks have managed to get her to talk, but can’t get her to go back to the Botanical Lab no matter what they say. The key here are your social skills. You’ll need either persuade or intimidate to convince her to go back. If you don’t, leave the quest until you level up enough. In both our playthroughs, it was 10 persuade, but we’ve seen people need 25 to succeed. Intimidate values we’ve seen were between 30 and 46.

Game crashes when talking to Zoe

This one’s by far the most damaging bug you can get here. If the game crashes whenever you try to talk to Zoe, all you can do is try to reload an earlier save. If you don’t save often and in different slots, it might be best to just forget about this quest until a patch fixes it.

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  1. S

    I didn’t talk to the cowboy lady at the gardens. I noticed Zoe only after I had resolved the power issue. Nothing in terms of making her return or anything like that.

  2. L

    I have a worse glitch. The objective marker leads to the middle of the bandit town but there is no Zoe. I cleared the town before taking the quest and the sheriffs quest, which has the same issue 3 meters away,

    1. H

      I had the same glitch except I died after meeting zoe and killing my target, now they wont appear but the marker is there

  3. O

    I talked to her, realized i couldn’t persuade her, then decided to pick the lockbox in front of her she got mad that I violated regulations(she’s supposed to be a marauder…) so I used my only skill that would work, intimidate. Now she’s permanently marked as an enemy so even though I can walk up to her while she has a smoke she will not speak to me.

    1. D
      Dale Sleep

      I did the same so I decided to kill her when I could not talk to her and when I did I could bring back evidence of her death to continue the mission

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