Ashe's Deadlock Challenge Release Date in Overwatch

Activision Blizzard have announced the release date of the Ashe’s Deadlock challenge in Overwatch. The event is actually beginning very soon, on June 22nd, and will end on July 5th. So, whatever there is to earn in the challenge, you’ll have about two weeks to get it. At this point, we can only speculate, but it seems like the reward is going to be a new skin for Ashe.

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ashes deadlock challenge release date in overwatch
Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge Release Date in Overwatch

Overwatch Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge Release Date

The launch date of the Overwatch Ashe’s Deadlock challenge is June 22nd, as we’ve said up top, and as you can see in the tweet below. The video accompanying the tweet prominently features a silhouette of a new skin for Ashe, judging by the shape of the hat. Taking into account the name of the challenge, I think it’s safe to assume that the skin will look similar to McCree’s Deadlock outfit. After all, him and Ashe are the founding members of the eponymous gang, so that would make sense.

So, the Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge release date is June 22nd, and the end date is July 5th. Two weeks will probably be more than enough to nab the new skin. We don’t know what the requirements are going to be. However, I’m gonna hazard a guess here. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the requirement is gonna be winning nine games over the course of the event. This has been the case in pretty much every single such event that has ever taken place in Overwatch. I highly doubt that they’re going to shake things up much this time around. Then again, I could be wrong. I guess we’ll have to wait until June 22nd to see what’s gonna happen.

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