Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug, Ranking System Broken

After years of development, Overwatch 2 was recently released. With many changes to its gameplay formula, fans of the original hero shooter were very eager to play this sequel. However, there currently appears to be a problem with the game’s ranking system. Namely, a bug affecting the Bronze 5 in Overwatch 2, which results in the game’s Ranking System being broken. Is there anything players can do to fix this issue on their end? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

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Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug, Ranking System Broken
Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug, Ranking System Broken

Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Placement Bug, Ranking System Broken Issue

As you no doubt already know, Overwatch 2 features a ranking system, with Bronze 5 being the lowest rank available in the game. Normally, when players have just started out playing, they will first move into this rank after a couple of matches, and then advance to higher – and better – ranks, if they do well in OW2 and win enough matches. But, the problem is that, for many players, this simply isn’t the case right now. So instead of advancing through the ranks, they are stuck ad Bronze 5. This happens to many players across all platforms, regardless of the number of matches played. So is there something that you can do to fix this OW2 Bronze 5 bug?

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to attempt anything yourselves. The devs are aware of this problem and have addressed it in the latest patch. To quote the changes: “Many players were ranked too low during the first week of Overwatch 2, so we are implementing a boost as players continue to play games for those affected by this issue. Players who were ranked too low could have the feeling of being stuck in this rank. Moving forward, players should be able to climb the ranks in their first rank update assuming they’re supposed to be higher based on their performance. Players who haven’t ranked will not experience this issue after this patch.” So, as you can see, hopefully, this problem should be fixed now.

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  1. S

    It was not fixed, I just won my 42nd game and I’m still in bronze 5

    1. C

      I’m stuck there too. The ranking system is broke!!! WTF???

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