Palworld Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect, Cure Weakened & Depressed Status

If your Pals get “Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect” in Palworld, what should you do? Despite the game heavily emphasising all the ways in which you can torture your Pals, you are probably aware that you shouldn’t do that. They are your bread and butter, a workforce that will build your base, work in your farms and production lines, and fight for you. Hence, you should avoid situations where Pals get Weakened or Depressed status in Palworld. Nevertheless, if that happens, we also explain how to do cure them. Let’s jump right to it!

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Palworld Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect, Cure Weakened  & Depressed Status
Palworld Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect, Cure Weakened & Depressed Status

How to Cure Palworld Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect Pals

The “Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect” status effect on your Pals in Palworld can appear for a myriad of reasons. One of the key survival mechanics in this game is your Pals’ sanity status. If you neglect your Pals for whatever reason, their mental and/or physical health will worsen, and they will receive some of many ailments. However, worry not, as there is an easy cure for the Weakened and Depressed status effect. If some of your Pal have them, you should give them High-Grade Medical Supplies. Here’s how to get High Grade Medical Supplies in Palworld:

  • Reach Level 12
  • Unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench from the Technology tree.
  • Craft a Medieval Medicine Workbench.
  • Ensure that you have a minimum of 5 Ingots, 5 Horns, and 2 Bones. That’s how much you will need to make one High Grade Medical Supplies item.
  • Open the Medieval Medicine Workbench menu, find the recipe for High Grade Medical Supplies and craft it.
  • Feed Weakened or Depressed Pals with High Grade Medical Supplies to cure these ailments.

How to Avoid Weakened and Depressed Status in Palworld

If you don’t want your Pals to be “Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect” constantly, then you should, well… not neglect them. How to do this? You will need to make sure that your base meets the basic necessities of your Pals. Pals don’t require a salary, but they do require some other benefits. Here’s a list of things which will help you avoid Weakened and Depressed status effects in Palworld:

  • Make sure that your Pals eat enough, and eat high quality food from time to time.
  • Swamp them out of work occasionally. If your Pals are constantly working, they will become “Extremely Unhealthy Due to Neglect”.
  • Make sure that they are resting adequately. Every Pal needs a bed. And over time, start replacing normal beds with Fluffy Pal Beds.
  • Aside from food and rest, they also need relaxation and entertainment. For this, you should create Hot Springs in your base.
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