Fallout 4 mods for PlayStation4 and PS4 Pro

Fallout 4 will finally get a mod support for the PlayStation 4 edition of the game. It will come with the 1.8 patch, and the patch will arrive on the consoles some time next week.
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Bethesda officially announced this information on their Twitter account yesterday:

Mod support is limited

Although the PlayStation version of the game had issues with releasing the mods earlier, this official statement from the developer is now confirming that PS4 users will enjoy the modding of Fallouot 4. As you may know, the PS4 mods release date was delayed before, while Xbox One mods arrived on schedule. Also, Fallout 4 1.8 Update has been live on PC since November 7th. Mods came to Xbox One in early June, so the PlayStation version was the only one left to implement.

There are also some bad news. The mod support is limited, with 1 GB of memory storage on PS4 compared to 5 GB on Xbox One. The same amount of memory was used for Skyrim Special edition. Bethesda reported earlier that they have some issues with the PlayStation version, and adding the mods included problems like performance issues in the game and some trouble with the sound files. Also, there was the always present limitation of the mod storage space.

Along with PS4 mod support, both Xbox One and PS4 users can expect various fixes with update 1.8. Although there are some limitations when it comes to mods on PlayStation, users can finally enjoy the post-apocalyptic environment that they always wanted to experience in the game. Maybe it will not be up to par with PC modded versions, but Fallout 4 also supports PlayStation Pro and that will render in native 4K and will feature enhanced lighting and graphics.

PlayStation users, it is finally time to set out on the adventure in the wastelands, and create your own rules of the game.

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