How to Get Finneon & Evolve Into Lumineon in Pokemon BDSP

Like any other Pokemon game, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is full of all sorts of Pokemon that you will be able to catch. One of these is Finneon. This fish Pokemon isn’t too hard to catch, if you know the places where you need to look to find Finneon, but it does require that you meet some prerequisites first. In this How to Get Finneon & Evolve Into Lumineon in Pokemon BDSP guide, we will show you how to catch Finneon, locations where you can find it, as well as how to evolve it to Lumineon.

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How to Get Finneon & Evolve Into Lumineon in Pokemon BDSP

How to Get Finneon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

First off, to be able to get Finneon in Pokemon BTSD, you will need to have received the Good Rod. If you do not know how and where to get this, our Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod guide explains all of the fishing rods in the game. So, once you have the Good Rod, it’s time to use it for some fishing. You can find a Finneon by fishing at the following locations: Route 205, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks, Canalave City, and Iron Island. There is approximately a 30% chance that you will catch one, so keep fishing at these places until you have encountered a Finneon.

How to Evolve Finneon Into Lumineon Pokemon Brilliand Diamond & Shining Pearl

Unlike some other Pokemon which have several prerequisites that you need to meet to get them to evolve – such as Eevee, for example – Finneon’s evolution into Lumineon is simple in comparison. In fact, all you need to do to get Finneon to evolve is to level it up sufficiently. Once Finneon hits Level 31, it will then evolve into Lumineon. In that way, Finneon is very similar to Psyduck, who also doesn’t need too much work to get it to evolve into Golduck.

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