Shinx Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Shinx

How to get Shinx is easier than finding many Pokemon in BDSP, and as a popular Pokemon Shinx is a great catch early in the game. It has good attacking stats and speed. You can also evolve it into Luxio and Luxray at low levels that won’t take long to reach. All you need to know is where it spawns. Read on as we discuss how to get Shinx in Pokemon BDSP.

Shinx Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Shinx
Shinx Pokemon BDSP – How to Get Shinx

Shinx is an Electric type Pokemon, introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Luxio at level 15 and Luxray at level 30. As you can meet Shinx early in the game, you can evolve it quickly in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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Start your search on Route 202. There is about a 30% chance of finding a Shinx here. In the previous version of Diamond and Pearl, you could also get them at Route 203, 204, and the Fuego Ironworks. However, we have not yet encountered any here and Route 202 is your best bet.

You can increase the odds of encounters by using a Pikachu. It will need to have a static ability and take the first spot in your party. This can boost the chance of an encounter to around 60%.

When you have an encounter, there are not too many things you need to do to catch it. A Shinx will be weak to ground attacks, so these will work well. Flying, steel and electric attacks are all resistances so avoid these. Anything else will damage it. False Swipe and Super Fang are good attacks to use against it.

At lower levels, it will have Thundershock, Leer, and Tackle as its main attacks.  However, you don’t need to worry. You can throw a Pokeball at it repeatedly and in most instances, it will get caught.

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