Lucky Egg Pokemon BDSP – Where to Find Lucky Egg

The lucky egg in Pokemon BDSP is a very useful item, and if you know where to find the lucky egg you can increase your Pokemon’s level quicker. You can find this item alone or attached to another Pokemon. After this, you can then give it to the Pokemon you want. This will increase its exp points in battle. Read on as we discuss where to find the lucky egg in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Lucky Egg Pokemon BDSP - Where to Find Lucky Egg
Lucky Egg Pokemon BDSP – Where to Find Lucky Egg

Where to Find Lucky Egg in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Lucky eggs are an extremely useful item. They can help you level up your favorite Pokemon much quicker by providing extra experience points in battle. Unfortunately, they are quite a scarce item. To get them, you either have to locate one in the wild or catch a Pokemon that is already holding one. Both of these are very rare occurrences, so need patience and hard work.

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#1 One method to get one is to catch a wild Blissey. These Pokemon are found holding lucky eggs, but only with 5% chance.
#2 There is also a place where you can buy the Lucky Egg. Once you beat the trainer Cynthia, you’ll get access to Battle Tower where you can purchase the egg for 77 BP.
#3 Also you have a small chance to win the Lucky Egg as a prize at the Jubilife TV Lottery.

#4 Another location where you can find a lucky egg is in the northwest of the Grand Underground. Go to the steps near the entrance to the Icy Cave. Close to this location and near the edge of the lake will be a Pokeball. It will contain a lucky egg.

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