Spiritomb Pokemon Bdsp - How to Get Spiritomb

Spiritomb is a very rare Pokemon in BDSP, and how to get Spiritomb takes time and patience. You need to begin by collecting a specific item. After this, you have to interact with a number of other players online. Only then are you rewarded with an encounter. Read on as we discuss how to catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Spiritomb Pokemon Bdsp - How to Get Spiritomb
Spiritomb Pokemon Bdsp – How to Get Spiritomb

How to Get Spiritomb Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

You won’t encounter Spiritomb in the wild. In fact, the only time you will see it is during a battle with Champion Cynthia’s Team. So how do you catch this Pokemon in BDSP?

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The first step is to get the keystone. You can do this in one of two ways. The first is to mine a keystone in the underground. However, this is not the quickest or easiest method.

Go to Route 208. Here you can find an NPC in martial arts garb next to a honey tree. Speak to him, and he will give you the Odd Keystone item.

The next step is to travel to Route 209 and enter Hearthome City. In the town, there will be a formation of grey and brown stones that resemble a well. Go up to this and interact with it. You will then have the option to place the Odd Keystone inside.

Once done, it is not the end of your trial. You now have to venture into the underground and speak to 32 NPCs. This can take some time. You can leave the underground and return, but each NPC you speak with must be unique. Only when you have spoken with 32 will you be able to get your encounter.

Leave the underground once you have done this. Interact with the stone feature once more. This will prompt an encounter with the very rare Spiritomb.

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