Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Offers Special Pikachu

The Pokemon GO Anniversary celebration, technically speaking, has already started with the Raid Battles and Gym rework. Now that the game is officially one-year old, Niantic has added a special little something for trainers to catch – Pikachu wearing Ash’s famous hat. The celebratory Pikachu will stick around until July 24th.

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Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Offers Special Pikachu
Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Offers Special Pikachu

Pokemon GO is now officially one year old. We all remember the hysteria that followed its launch back in July of 2016. Everybody was walking around and catching Pokemon. Newspapers everywhere were full of articles telling of people getting into car accidents, falling off of cliffs, getting into serious trouble for trespassing, and so on. The fad died down somewhat over time, but the game still boasts millions of active players.

In appreciation of all the devotion, Niantic is making sure that the one-year anniversary celebration offers plenty of exciting stuff for trainers. First off, we got the Raid Battle update a while ago, which completely reworked Gyms and put a stronger emphasis on collaboration between players, even between factions.

On July 6th, Pokemon GO’s official birthday, Niantic announced the next part of the celebration. From now to July 24th, 1 PM PDT, trainers will be able to catch a special Pikachu. Similarly to the Christmas and Pokemon Day celebrations, the most recognizable Pokemon will have a special hat. More specifically, Pika will wear Ash’s famous hat, as seen in the picture above.

Players will also have access to the special limited-time Anniversary Box offer in the in-game store. It costs 1.200 Coins, and this is what you get:

  • Egg Incubator x6
  • Max Revive x6
  • Premium Raid Pass x2
  • Ultra Ball x20

So, that’s what we can look forward to for now. Of course, I seriously doubt that this is all that Ninatic has up their sleeves. After all, they’ve been teasing Legendary Pokemon for a while now, and dataminers have found evidence of Legendary Pokemon in the code of previous updates. It’s only a matter of time!

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