Best Deoxys Form Pokemon GO Defense, Attack, Speed or Normal

In our Best Deoxys Form Pokemon GO Defense, Attack, Speed or Normal, we’ll show you which Deoxys Form is the best in Season 12, or Season of Light. Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on your preferences, but probably not by much. There’s one Form that absolutely stands out from the rest. Let’s explain which one that is and why, shall we?

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best deoxys form pokemon go defense attack speed or normal
Best Deoxys Form Pokemon GO Defense, Attack, Speed or Normal

Which Deoxys Form is the Best in Pokemon GO

The best Deoxys Form in Pokemon GO Season of Light (or Season 12) is the Defense Form. The Speed, Attack and Normal Forms just don’t compare. The main reason I say this is that battles in Pokemon GO usually become a war of attrition. Therefore, a very high Defense stat is always more useful than a very high Attack stat. With a Defense of 330, the Defense Form rules supreme among this crew. Sure, it has an attack of “just” 144, but that should be enough to carry you through.

You can see the stats of all the forms of Deoxys in the list below. It makes it pretty obvious why Defense is the best. Yes, the Attack Form has an attack of 415, but what good is that with a Defense of 46? A sneeze is gonna make it faint. And Normal is certainly not the best Pokemon GO Deoxys Form in Season of Light, even if it is a bit more balanced. And Speed is just the worst of the bunch. I don’t know why they even included it in the game, since Speed is not a stat in Pokemon GO.

  • Normal Deoxys – Attack: 345 / Defense: 115 / Stamina: 137 / Max CP: 3573
  • Attack Deoxys – Attack: 414 / Defense: 46 / Stamina: 137 / Max CP: 2916
  • Defense Deoxys – Attack: 144 / Defense: 330 / Stamina: 137 / Max CP: 2570
  • Speed Deoxys – Attack: 230 / Defense: 218 / Stamina: 137 / Max CP: 3255

So, yeah, that about covers it. Incidentally, Deoxys is going to be starring in five-star Raids from September 1st to September 13th. Ig you want to know how to defeat any form, check out our Deoxys Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO guide.

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    Would it be safe to say then that most likely defense will be best on PVP and Normal would be best for raiding?

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