Pokemon GO Celebrates Pokemon Day with Festive Pikachu

Haven’t had enough of Pikachu with festive hats? You’re in luck! Niantic have decided to celebrate Pokemon Day by adding a festive Pikachu in Pokemon GO. The event starts on February 26th at 1 PM PST until the same time on March 6th. Get ready!

Pokemon GO Celebrates Pokemon Day with Festive Pikachu
Pokemon GO Celebrates Pokemon Day with Festive Pikachu

Hope you’ve stocked up on items; Pokemon Day is coming to Pokemon GO! February 27th marks the twenty-first anniversary of Pokemon, and Niantic will chip in on the festivities. Just like the Christmas event, this one will feature Pikachu in a hat. This time, it’ll be a silly party hat. Of course, Pika will keep its hat after the event is over, but it is limited-time only. More interesting still, they might not have any dedicated nests, so you’ll just have to walk around and look for them. Whether or not the same Pokemon will keep its hat if evolved into Raichu remains to be discovered.

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This is going to be an excellent opportunity for all of you who still don’t have a Pikachu to catch one. Their spawn rate will increase during the event. Since this Partychu is limited-edition, though, many trainers might not get to catch one. That being the case, you might want to save a few for when trading comes around. You might be able to get score some sweet deals that way.

On top of all the Gen 2 Pokemon and new Special Items in Pokemon GO, there’s more than enough incentive to get out there and catch some Pokemon!

The event starts on February 26th and ends on March 6th, both at 1 PM PST. Of course, if you want to, you can use your AR camera to snap some photos of the festive Pikachu. Niantic would like you to share those photos with the hashtag PokemonDay. That’s entirely up to you.

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