Ditto Added to Pokemon GO Finally

There’s a new addition to PoGO’s roster: They finally added Ditto to Pokemon GO. Trainers have found traces of Ditto in Pokemon GO in the game’s code some time ago. Now, people have started finding and catching Ditto.

Ditto Added to Pokemon GO Finally

Pokemon GO Ditto

Pokemon GO trainers have yet another delight in the game. A few weeks ago, certain trainers who delved into the game’s code found that Ditto was hiding in there. Specifically, its Transform move. Everybody got very excited over the possibility of catching Ditto. For those new to Pokemon in general, Ditto is a Pokemon that has the power to transform into other Pokemon.

Now, the interesting thing about Ditto in Pokemon GO is that it won’t appear on the screen as the smiling pink blob. Trainers are reporting on Twitter and Reddit that they caught a Rattata or Pidgey. A cutscene followed, during which the Pokemon they thought they caught morphed into Ditto. Check out the video below for the cutscene.

Some trainers have already started using Dittos in battle. Its signature special move is Transform. During battle, it transforms into the first Pokemon it sees, and stays that way even if you swap it out during battle. It copies the type and the abilities of the Pokemon it mimics. However, it doesn’t copy the exact amount of CP. Instead, you’ll get the CP of the copied Pokemon, but calculated using Ditto’s level and IVs. If it faces another Ditto, neither will transform.

So far, trainers reported Ditto masking as Pidgeys, Rattatas, Magikarps and Zubats, but that list will certainly grow longer. It’s important to note that you won’t get any hint when the Pokemon spawns. It looks exactly like the Pokemon it’s copying. There’s no difference in animation or title. You just have to keep catching them all until you get lucky.

Great. Like we needed more reasons to hate Zubats, Rattatas and Pidgeys. Now we’ll have to deal with the disappointment of catching tens of them until we can land a Ditto.

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